Victor Torres

Hello, my name is Victor Torres and I am Poolgala’s Service Technician. I was born in Mannheim, Germany while my father was stationed there for military duty. My father’s service allowed me to travel all over the world and experience many diverse cultures at a young age. Since I was a kid I noticed I had a knack for repairing things. I would spend hours taking stuff apart and putting it back together in order to understand the mechanics and inner workings. I’ve spent the past four years in the pool industry working in every department, from chemical analysis, diagnostics, renovations and repairs. I recently got engaged to my beautiful fiancé named Angelee. She is a Texas A&M graduate with ambitions to become a doctor. In our free time we enjoy fishing, boating, camping, snowboarding,  and volunteering for various organizations around San Antonio, including Spina Bifida Texas, San Antonio 300 and BPMS 150. Every year we try and make time to visit my family in Valencia, Spain and either on the flight there or on the flight back we try and land in a country we’ve never visited before. Doing this in the last four years I've gotten to visit the Caribbean, Morocco, Iceland and Norway.  I am ecstatic to be a part of such an ambitious company and to be able to work with like-minded individuals. I am always happy to receive feedback on the work I do and would love to get to know the people behind the pools I service.