Current Terms of service

Services to be provided by Poolgala

Full Maintenance

Under our full maintenance package a pool cleaner will come once per week and perform each of the following services as necessary. 

  • Check and balance pool chemistry 
  • Visually inspect equipment and pool
  • Back wash filter/clean single cartridge filters
  • Brush pool
  • Vacuum pool 
  • Net surface of the water
  • Empty skimmer baskets 
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Empty automatic cleaner bag

Chemical Maintenance  

Under our Chemical maintenance package a pool cleaner will come once per week and perform each of the following services as necessary. 

  • Check and balance pool chemistry 
  • Visually inspect equipment and pool

Customer responsibility in between visits

  • To maintain the proper water levels of the pool.
  • To ensure access to the pool or spa, this means providing poolgala with any and all codes, notifying security and unlocking all locks.
  • To ensure the grass around the pool or spa is trimmed to below twelve inches.
  • To ensure the any hive insects such as wasps or bees are not present near the equipment pad or blocking the access to the pool.
  • To ensure all aggressive pets are leashed or put away.
  • To ensure that all landscaping bordering the pool ends at least one foot before the edge giving our cleaners access to freely walk around the perimeter.

If any of the customer responsibilities are not fulfilled and we are unable to do our job but still travel to the location of the pool. The customer may still be charged full price for the service visit. We may also have to charge fees for extra services performed such as algae treatments if for example a customer lets there water level fall below the recommended levels and the pool is unable to filter properly throughout the week. Each of these situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

Customer prohibitions in between visits

  • Customers are prohibited from adding chemicals in between service visits without our permission
  • Customers are prohibited from changing the start/stop times of the filtration pump without our permission.


All payments for monthly service will be processed on the 1st of every month and pay for the service performed during the previous month. Meaning that customers only pay for service that they have already received. The payments for Full Service and Chemical Service only include four service visits per month. Poolgala will clean a customers pool a fifth time during a month without extra charge but this day is considered an equity day. These extra cleaning or equity days are given to our customers for free, but can be used later on to make up for a day Poolgala is unable to clean a customers pool do to circumstances outside of our control.

Example: (You as a customer have your pool cleaned every week on Thursdays. 33% of the weeks in the year have five Thursdays in the month instead of four. Poolgala may use one of these fifth cleaning days or equity days in order to make up for us not being able to service your pool fully do to situations outside of our control such as severe weather, holidays, etc. Instead of a refund, we cash in on days we cleaned your pool a fifth time during the a previous months without charge.)  

Mild inclement weather such as rain may prevent our cleaners from performing a full cleaning and customers will still be charged full price for the visit. Are cleaners will always do as much as they can within reasonable limits. Our cleaners are prohibited from vacuuming, skimming or netting if lighting is present with in a ten mile radius and able to be audibly heard. Customers will still be charged full price for service visits where only partial service was provided do to inclement weather.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions I give poolgala permission to access my property and to adjust any and all equipment as they see fit. I give Poolgala permission to photograph my pool equipment and store the information for training purposes and to expedite service. Poolgala is not responsible for any damage to the equipment, pool or spa as a result of natural forces, such as acts of god or normal wear. I authorize Poolgala to automatically bill my credit card every month on the 1st to pay for services previously received. These service agreement terms may be updated or changed at any point in the future and by continuing to pay for a monthly maintenance, you as the customer are agreeing to our terms and conditions written here.We are a rapidly adapting company and are constantly changing procedures and policies in order to create a business that is highly valued by our customers. This is not a contract and customers can leave our service at any time without penalty. We depend on our reputation and we believe in keeping customers by providing exemplary service not though legal contracts.