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Address of the pool or spa
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Primary Phone
Please list only a cell phone number and not a land line. This is where we will be sending your time stamped picture updates of your cleaned pool.
Secondary phone
Secondary phone
Is your pool or spa in ground?
Poolgala only services concrete, gunite, plaster, tile, pebble tech and fiberglass pools. We do not service above ground or vinyl liner pools.
Tenants/other phone
Tenants/other phone
If you have tenants or anyone else who needs to receive updates about the pool or spa, please list their cell phone number as well.
Does your pool or spa have algae? *
Do you have pets?
Please list all codes needed for entrance into your subdivision or property.
Would you like to be provided with a combination lock for $15? *
Logistically its to difficult for our pool cleaners to carry keys, so all locks on back yards or properties have to be combination locks or it is the customers responsibility to unlock locks on days Poolgala will be cleaning. If you would like to take one more thing off your plate, you can check this box and Poolgala will bring and replace your current key lock with a combination lock for $15.
The Silver full service package is $175 and includes chemicals skimming, backwashing, brushing, vacuuming, and everything else needed in regular pool maintenance. The Bronze partial chemical service is $100 + Chemicals and only includes chemical maintenance.
example: (ASAP, After the holidays, 3-1-17) or (Our first cleaning is free)
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Expiration year
There will be a 3 to 4 digit security pin on the back of your card.
Check this box if your billing address is the same as the pools address
Billing Address
Billing Address
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