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How soon can we start our pool cleaning service?

How soon we can start cleaning your swimming pool all depends on which day of the week you finish the service agreement and how busy we are. If you are able to fill out the service agreement before our work week starts (Our work week is Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) we will probably be able to start your service that week. Any later and your chances drop significantly.

How much do you charge for repairs?

We don't actually perform repairs our selves but instead sub contract out repairs with other companies we have come to trust throughout our service area. We work on behalf of the customer to schedule, negotiate prices, recommend, and monitor quality of work and we do all of this as part of your monthly package. Since we don't make any money on the repairs you can trust us to keep your best interests in mind.

Can we get our pool cleaned on a specific day?

Unfortunately we cant clean customers pools on specific days of the week. Mainly because everyone wants there pools cleaned on Friday so it can be perfect before the weekend, and its not possible for We rely heavily on route optimization which means we want our routes to be as condensed as possible to eliminate drive time. If we clean

Do we need to be present for the first visit?

Nope, we only need access to the backyard and pool area. Pretty much 90% of our first visits are when the customers not home. We know your busy and like to keep things simple.

We have pets, will that effect service?

We love pets! As long as they love us. Our biggest concern is the safety of our technicians and our equipment. If your pet is especially aggressive then they will need to be put up or if your pet has a tendency to take or chew on our equipment they will need to be put up.

Our house is currently on the market, what happens if we sell our home in the middle of the month?

We know life is unpredictable, this is why we have chosen to not have contracts. Our customers have the ability to upgrade and downgrade their packages at anytime and terminate service at anytime without any fees or penalties.


Absolutely! We offer 5% off to any members of the military (past or present), law enforcement, or any emergency responders. Please let us know if any of these apply to you and we will make sure to credit your monthly service for swimming pool maintenance with a 5% discount. All we need as proof is for you to mail in a copy of either a DD214 or a copy of your current military ID.

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