Series: The basics of swimming pool maintenance (Circulation)

In the last post I did a super quick overview of whats going on chemically inside of the swimming pool. Are the three chemical divas ringing a bell? Well, in this post I want to quickly explain the second thing we are always checking for when doing regular maintenance on a swimming pool.


Now, circulation in a pool is pretty simple. Have you ever watched a survival show, and when they are looking for water to drink they never drink water that isn't moving? That's becomes its harder for bacteria to grow inside moving water! Which means circulation is a big part in what will prevent algae from growing inside of your pool. Circulation also means that the water is passing through the filter properly and at the correct times. If your concerned that your pool may have bad circulation, there are a couple of quick things you can check.

1) Are your skimmer and pump baskets empty?

Full skimmer or pump baskets will prevent water from being sucked into the pump properly hurting your circulation.

2) Is your filter pressure correct?

Depending on the size of your pump motor your filter pressure will probably sit somewhere between 5 - 20 psi. If your filter pressure is significantly below where it should be, that is a major indicator of a circulation problem.

3) Do you see movement inside of the swimming pool?

Look at your pool and see if the water is moving, or go stick your hand in front of the pools return jets. You should be able to feel the water launching out like your hand is in front of a water hose with good pressure.

Weekly swimming pool maintenance is easy once you get the basics! I have no doubt that you will soon be able to keep your swimming pool crystal clear all year around.