Series: The basics of pool maintenance (Intro)

I want to take the time to explain the 3 basics of swimming pool maintenance and in case your wondering, your level of knowledge about swimming pools before this point absolutely does not matter. I'm writing this for the novice. Everyone should be able to read this and come away understanding the basics building blocks of whats behind pool care.

Taking care of a swimming pool can be difficult. Its a body of water that stays outside. But at the heart of pool care there are only three things at work.

What you need to focus on when thinking about taking care of your swimming pool are.

Circulation, Chemistry and Filtration

And that is literately it. Its as simple as making sure that the above three things are all happening simultaneously and I can promise you, that if they are your water is going to stay crystal clear and swimmable all year around. So when your have trouble and you cant keep the pool nice and blue. Think to yourself:

1) Is the water needs to be circulating in your pool properly?

2) Is my filter filtering properly.

3) Is the water chemistry in my pool balanced?

If any of the above three things aren't happening, your going to have problems with the swimming pool. In the next three blog posts Ill break down each of the three main problem points and try to explain them in a way that is easy for you as the homeowner to understand and hopefully be able to get you rolling into maintaining your swimming pool yourself. Have fun!