Loyal Customer,



I want to start out by saying how much we appreciate your continued support and loyalty. This year we more than doubled in size from the year before and we were able to add two new employees to the team. We tracked how this happened and more than 40% of the growth was do to word of mouth which means our service is worth talking about! We are constantly trying to improve our product and find new and innovative ways to provide a service standard that is unmatched. We are sending this email in order to inform all you that in order to stay competitive we will be raising the baseline price for full service to $179 and $100 for chemical maintenance starting on December 1st. This price increase will place us right in the middle of the average price for monthly pool care in our area. The lower end being $165, and the higher end being $200. Hopefully this will allow us to continue to grow while retaining certain business practices that we are not willing to compromise on. Such as paying all of our cleaners much higher salaries than the industry standard, providing workmen’s comp insurance, and to continue using the highest quality chemicals possible. This year was exciting and below we’ve listed some of the innovations and improvements on the customer's behalf.


1) Poolgala now has a dedicated person on staff for repairs/diagnostics. His name is Victor, he is highly experienced and we were able to get him from one of the larger and more successful pool service companies in San Antonio. Now that we have a repair person we are able to offer diagnostics and quotes for FREE which makes us one of the few companies who provide this. Most other companies charge a $95 diagnostic fee just to come out and troubleshoot the problem. So if you need any repairs or upgrades, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will be glad to give you a free quote.


2) We have added the menu links at the bottom of the text message updates. If you check your most recent text message from your pool cleaner letting you know the pool was cleaned. You should see three       


Update Account info


Message a manager            


Refer a friend                      



Under “Update account info” there is a variety of options for you to choose. Including links to quickly and  conveniently update any account info, the most recent terms of service, and a request form if you would like to see your chemicals levels.


3) We bought software in order to more accurately track chemical levels and save them for up to one year. This is most useful for customers with new pools who have warranties on their plaster. If you ever have an issue they will want a record of chemical levels from the past. Having these chemical levels, more than anything, helps us to predict and identify patterns in chemistry which in turn, helps us to more effectively prevent algae. Our company tracks more data points and uses more accurate tests than any other company in San Antonio, and with this new software, it will help make it possible for us to fully understand your pool water.


4) We are going to do a drawing at the end of the year for 12 months of FREE pool care. The drawing will consist of all of our current customers and will hopefully become an annual tradition for the company!


I hope you have been extremely satisfied with our service. We have many more improvements for customer care on the drawing board that will hopefully be implemented in the next year. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns or any ideas on how we can improve.